About R.D. Henham

R. D. Henham is a scribe in the Great Library of Palanthas. As a high ranking member of the order of Aesthetics who run the library, R.D. has many important responsibilities. One of them is chronicling the dragon stories sent by Sindri Suncatcher. With so many stories to be written, Scribe Henham has asked several assistants to help. Rebecca Shelley is the assistant in charge of The Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex.

Visit the R. D. Henham site.

13 Responses to About R.D. Henham

  1. Kayla Gerick says:

    My son was given the Red Dragon Codex when his school closed from the library. He read it faster than any book I’ve ever seen him read.
    He’s been talking nonstop about it and wants me to read it as well. First time he’s ever insisted I read something he is in to. Will start soon!

    He wants to purchase the other books. Unfortunately, the price ranges online are a little intense for our budget right now – so he will be saving up his money to buy it himself. He has his costs charted and is so excited to begin the next book!


    • That is totally awesome!! I’m glad your son loved it. I wrote it when my own son was young and a reluctant reader, so I tried to just put in the parts that would hold his attention and leave out any parts that would cause him to lose focus.

      Here’s some important things to know about the Codex series. It was written by multiple authors under the publisher-owned pen name of R. D. Henham. I wrote Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex. Others were written by other authors. Each is a stand alone story in the Dragonlance world. The books are so expensive now because the publishing imprint that published them no longer exists. 😦 Also sad, the imprint didn’t stay around long enough to publish all ten of the books that early books in the series show. The last three books, blue dragon, white dragon, and copper dragon were never published.

      On a happier note, I took my outlines, ideas, and themes for those last three books and adapted and changed them to start a new series set in a new fantasy world that I own and control myself. The new series starts with Dragonbound: Blue Dragon, Dragonbound II: White Dragon, and Dragonbound III: Copper Dragon. There are now 12 books set in the Dragonbound world. All available on Amazon

      Most are only $9.99 in paperback and $4.99 in ebook. The first one, Blue Dragon, is currently only $2.99 as ebook. If your son reads ebooks, he could try that one and see if he likes it as much as Red Dragon. The Dragonbound series is a lot more budget friendly at the moment. Not to dissuade him from saving up for the other Codex books though. They are totally awesome!


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  3. Cimorene says:

    Will somebody else ever write & publish the blue, white, and copper dragon codex books? I hope so! 🙂


    • Hi Cimorene,

      The publisher owns the copyrights to the Dragon Codex world. Last I heard, they are not planning on publishing those books. But, I have created a new dragon world. The first three books in the new Dragonbound series, will be Blue Dragon, White Dragon, and Copper dragon. The first one, Blue Dragon, will be out around the middle of 2012.


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