Welcome to my website. I’m an author of a wide variety of books—everything from picture books to spy thrillers.

I especially like to write about fantasy creatures such as dragons and fairies.

My children’s books are written under the Rebecca Shelley name.

My spy thrillers are written under the R. L. Tyler pen name.

I also have two books out under the R. D. Henham pen name—Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex.

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Hi all, Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and I’m all set to have the best year ever. I have a special treat for readers of my Dragonbound series. I’ve written a sequel to the series that comes chronologically after Dragonbound IX: Great Blue Liberator. I can’t say much about the new book, Dragonbound: A New Day, without giving spoilers for books 7, 8, and 9. I’ll just say that I heard back from a number of readers that they wanted a book from Devaj’s point of view. They were also curious about the fate of Lord Theodoric’s crippled son. A New Day is meant to address both those things.

A new Day cover 2 small


Best news of all, A New Day is going to be published serially a chapter or so at a time every Monday on this website where it can be accessed and read for free. Later, it will be published as a complete book by Wonder Realms Books.

A New Day chapter 1 can be found HERE or by mousing over the Dragonbound button at the top of the page.