YA Paranormal Romance


Aos Si Under Hill  Midnight

When Carla’s mother drags her from their home in Denver to the-middle-of-nowhere Colorado, Carla figures her life is over. But a mysterious neighbor embroils her in a battle between the ancient and powerful Aos Si.

Then she meets Shade, a servant of the evil Aos Si. Carla’s attraction to Shade is as deep as the power flows that surround them, but her attempt to free him from evil sinks them both in deeper and escalates the war.

“Grab your flashlight and dive under the covers, because Aos Si will keep you turning pages well past your bedtime.” (Christina F York author of Girls Gone Magic)


Epic Fantasy Romance


The Seedtouch thumbnail windseeker 1 thumbnail


The Seedtouch: When Keil’s father succumbs to dementia, she disguises herself as a man to save her family.

Windseeker: Cyren has always hidden her connection to the wind. Now she must use it to save her family and people from a bloody tyrant who seeks their destruction. During the struggle, she learns the power of the wind is not enough. Forest and Sky must join together to win her people’s freedom. But royal intrigue, ignorance, and fear conspire to keep them apart.


Epic Fantasy









.Worldshifters: Hunted to the edge of chaos for crimes spawned by his untrained shifting powers, Alamon Truda hatches a desperate plan to turn the tables on his pursuers. His plan is threatened, however, when the son of the Goddess of Chaos steps into the human realm, shattering the world’s balance. Now pursued by servants of both Order and Chaos, Alamon has to fight to keep both himself and the son of Chaos alive.

The Obsidian Tower: The war between good and evil isn’t fought by combatants standing in bright light and utter darkness. It’s fought, instead, in the shadows, on a razor’s edge that cuts deep into the foes, causing the heart of each to strive more with itself than its enemy. Too often in fantasy the hero’s sacrifice saves the day. That’s seldom the case in reality. Some sacrifices cause destruction, and some selfish acts bring hope to a darkened world. To save his sister, a desperate knight murders his king and frees the demons from hell.  While the demons ravage the country, the orphaned son of the high priest must team up with the dead king’s cousin to defeat them. But the two heroes’ loathing for each other is only outstripped by their desire for power.


Middle-Grade Fantasy


Real Dragons: Twelve-year-old Weldon is a gifted artist, but when his drawing of fairies and dragons come to life, he finds himself caught between some deadly criminals and the jewels they want. Only his dedication and imagination can save him and his friends.





Firebird: Young Aedus of the Nanuk Clan knows nothing of the war between the spirits or the Firebird. Aedus wants only to prove himself a man in the Great Hunt. But when the battling spirits threaten to destroy his clan, he risks everything—not just his life, but his very humanity—to save his people.


Young Adult Fantasy


Ebon Blade: The blade will claim your soul

A ragged street boy named Brian snatches a cursed blade that thrusts him into a bloody war of succession. The blade carries a dark magic that makes Brian a dangerous fighter, but in the process it takes control of his mind and spirit. He finds he must choose between his own freedom and the power to save his friends.



Fairy Tome: Melanie Maverone lives the good life until an ancient book incinerates her richie parents and their mansion. Only Melanie and the book survive. When the death fairy shows up to claim the book, Melanie learns that Alexander Thomas has trapped all the other fairies in the book and is using their power to get rich, despite the cataclysmic consequences. Melanie risks everything to free the fairies.



Tablet of Destinies: When Tiamat steals the Tablet of Destinies from Anu, the sky god, Gidd, Anu’s youngest servant is sent in human form to infiltrate Tiamat’s realm and retrieve the Tablet. Gidd’s rash actions embroil the young priest, Ber-chan, in the quest with him. Captured and sold as slaves, Gidd and Ber-chan go on a harrowing journey, face terrifying monsters, and confront Tiamat herself in the depths of the sea. Like in the great epic of Gilgamesh, only one of them will return alive, but the destinies of all men and gods depend on their success.


Mist Warriors: When Robby Chylde’s sister, Ellen, rollerblades around the church and vanishes into the mist, it starts a chain of events that allows the Goblin King to conquer the Faerie Kingdom. It’s up to Robby to travel through the mist into a world of wonder and magic to rescue his sister, battle the Goblin King, and save the Faerie Kingdom.

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