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R.D. Henham, a scribe in the Great Library of Palanthas, has decided to tell the tales of the different color dragons of Krynn, inspired by Sindri Suncatcher’s A Practical Guide to Dragons. As Sindri travels the world and sends notes to Palanthas on the dragon tales he’s uncovered, R.D. Henham and his fellow scribes set about turning Sindri’s notes on the dragons and those who encounter them into adventurous hardcover books for the entire world to read.

  1. Red Dragon Codex (January 2008)
  2. Bronze Dragon Codex (July 2008)
  3. Black Dragon Codex (October 2008)
  4. Brass Dragon Codex (February 2009)
  5. Green Dragon Codex (June 2009)
  6. Silver Dragon Codex (September 2009)
  7. Gold Dragon Codex (January 2010)

As a fellow scribe, Rebecca Shelley wrote Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex. These are Rebecca’s first two published books, though her name only appears in very tiny print on the copyright page. This website has an some spacial Easter eggs for Dragon Codex fans. If you mouse over the Dragon Codex tab above, you will find links to pages with cut scenes from Red Dragon Codex and cut gnomish devices from Brass Dragon Codex.

To learn more about Rebecca Shelley’s fellow assistant scribes visit www.rdhenham.com

For a list of the many other books set in the Dragon Codex world visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragonlance:_The_New_Adventures#The_Dragon_Codices

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