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  1. Jennifer Diaz says:

    Sorry, I mistyped the email address twice! Thanks again!


  2. Hi. Silver Dragon should be out in August or September. I have an email notification list for the Dragonbound books. If you want to get an email when each new book comes out, you can sign up for the list here

    Also, I try to post updates about the series on the Dragonbound Facebook Page!/dragonboundseries



  3. Cassie Schmidt says:

    What is your estimate on how many books is the DragonBound series going to be? It’s really exciting and I want to read lots of it. (Plus I love long series.)


    • Mary says:

      Hi Cassie, have you been able to find out anything about her “Silver Dragon” book? I love this series and can’t wait to read Silver Dragon.


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