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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I am a school librarian without any funding from my school district for the past 2 years. The parent organization has kindly donated $250 to the library. I am trying to purchase “Gold Dragon Codex”, so the students can finish reading the series. Since it is out of print, the price has skyrocketed to $50 and up. I can’t possibly spend that much for one book. Are there any plans to release it again? If not, do you have any suggestions on how I might find it at a more reasonable price? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Jeanine Galante,
    School librarian
    Summit Elementary School
    351 Brinker Rd.
    Butler, PA 16001


  2. Karla Hobson says:

    My son, Carl Hobson, earned his boy scout eagle. This is the highest award in scouting. During his scouting career he earned 26 merit badges and designed/built a prayer garden at a local church. To make the ceremony more special, we are compiling letters of congratulations from people who would help make this day extra special. As an avid reader, he is a great fan of yours and he has loved reading your Dragon Codex series. A letter from you would mean a lot! Would you please consider sending a letter of congratulations? Please send your letter by e-mail before October 26th. We will put his letters in a scrapbook and present it to him at his Eagle Court of Ceremony.
    Thank you,


    • Congratulations!!! Making Eagle Scout is a terrific achievement for boy and mother.

      My son earned his Eagle Scout just over a year ago, so I know how much work it takes to accomplish this. I’m very excited to write a letter of congratulations. I’ll get to work on it as soon as possible. If you haven’t heard back from me by the end of September, please contact me again to follow up.

      Thanks for giving me this opportunity.


  3. Carter Swanson says:

    Do you have any plans to write a new Smartboys Club book? I’m anxiously waiting!
    Thank you,
    Carter, age 9


    • Hi Carter!

      I’m in the middle of writing Dragonbound: White Dragon at the moment. Just as soon as I finish the first draft of that, I’ll start on Smartboys Club #8, which might be titled CHICKENS ON THE BUS. But that title is not for sure yet. I’ll try to write as fast as I can and send you an email when book 8 is ready. Thanks so much for leaving me a message.


  4. Jennifer Edgar says:

    I have followed R.D Henham’s Dragon Codex series nad currently have all the books. I understand that that series has ended and that you are in the process of writing the Dragonbound series, and that the first three books are about the blue, white and copper dragons. Are these three dragons related to R.D Henham’s blue, white and copper dragons? I mean in the way of characterization?
    Thank you.


    • Hi Jen,

      Glad you could stop by the website and have enjoyed the Dragon Codex series. For copyright reasons, the Dragonbound books are completely separate from the Dragon Codex books, with a new world, new characters, and new dragons. Hopefully fans of the Codex series will enjoy the new series even though it means falling in love with new characters and dragons.


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