Red Dragon Codex

 Bonus Material: Prologue, Deleted Scenes, Study Guide, About R.D. Henham

Don’t miss this stunning adventure written by Rebecca Shelley, assistant scribe to R.D. Henham

Mudd lives a peaceful life in his small town, tinkering with the mill and any mechanical devices that he can find. But his peaceful life soon changes when, out of nowhere, a red dragon attacks, burning the town and kidnapping Shemnara, the village seer. Only one clue is left behind–a cryptic note telling Mudd, “Seek the silver dragon.”

“Red Dragon Codex is fun tale of wonder, adventure, and dragons aplenty. R.D. Henham is a fine new storyteller, off to a very promising start.”
—David Farland, New York Times best-selling author

“Aided by almost unprecedented access to the Restricted Research Section in the Great Library at Palanthas, R. D. Henham has crafted an exciting tale with many facets: young adventurers risking their lives as they come of age, ancient dragons clashing in a centuries-old battle, secret identities, hidden motives, startling betrayals, and abiding loyalties. Layer by layer, all are revealed in a story that builds steadily toward a taut and thrilling climax.” 
 —Douglas Niles, author of The Rise of Solamnia trilogy

 “Red Dragon Codex will appeal to readers of all ages. Populated with wonderful characters—Mudd, Sleekwing, Kirak, Hiera, and more—it presents a whimsical, dangerous journey that races to a satisfying end. A well-written and well-rounded tale that made me smile.”
—Jean Rabe, author of The Fifth Age trilogy

“Red Dragon Codex is such a great read. The imagery made me feel like I was there, especially the descriptions of the dragons and their surroundings. With great characters, lots of adventure, and just enough humor to lighten things up, you’ll have a hard time putting this one down. Highly recommended.”
—James Dashner, author of The 13th Reality


6 Responses to Red Dragon Codex

  1. wikipedia says:

    Keep up the great work, excellent blog.


  2. Olivia says:

    The Red Dragon Codex is a great book! I hope that you post some dragon artwork showing what the characters look like. I’m doing my 5th grade book report on your book and it includes making a gameboard. Of course, I will not give away the ending.


    • Hi Olivia. I’m glad you like the Red Dragon Codex. Your book report sounds like a lot of fun. You can find some good dragon artwork in the Practical Guide to Dragons, by Sindri Suncatcher. Hopefully your public library will have a copy. 🙂


  3. Thanks for stopping by my website and leaving that wonderful comment. You just made my day. 😀


  4. adreanna says:

    this book is great! every and any one should read it especially if you like dragons. it is adventurous. it is so good it is hard not to give away the ending!


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