Real Dragons now in Print

Real Dragons thumbnailHi, all. To celebrate the print release of Real Dragons*, we’ve set the price for the ebook to FREE in all online stores (except Amazon which has only free in the US). Plus, the first twenty people who read the free ebook and leave a review on Amazon will get a free signed copy of the print edition. To get your free print book, just leave the review on Amazon and let me know via the contact me on my website If you live outside the US and can’t get the free ebook on Amazon, use the Contact Me button on my website, and I’ll email you a copy.

I’m particularly fond of Real Dragons because of its contemporary urban setting, and because the way the magical creatures interact with the real world is different from what I’ve seen in other urban fantasy books for young readers. The feel of the magic realism in this book just makes me smile, and I hope you all will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

A gifted artist, twelve-year-old Weldon can’t stop drawing even when forbidden to by his mother. But when his drawings of dragons and fairies come to life, he finds himself caught between deadly criminals and the jewels they want. Only his courage and imagination can save him and his friends.

Also, COMING SOON . . .  The Enchanted Hills.

Enchanted Hills 2 thumbnailAfter Cara Burgess’s marriage collapses and corporate empire crumbles, she’s forced into bankruptcy and takes her personal yacht out for a goodbye cruise. On the water, dark forces rise against her and destroy her ship. She washes ashore on an island off the coast of Northern Scotland where she faces dangers she’s never dreamed of, discovers more about her past than she ever knew, and finds new love with someone who is not quite human.

I’m super excited about The Enchanted Hills, which is currently in the revision process. I’m looking for a few beta readers to give me feedback on this before the final draft. If you’re interested in beta reading The Enchanted Hills, just let me know via the contact me button on my website. I wish you all as much enjoyment with summer reading as I’m having.

*Real Dragons was first released as an ebook in 2011 under the title Black Dragon. We’ve changed the name along with the print release to avoid confusion with Dragonbound VIII: Black Dragon. Real Dragons is not part of the Dragonbound series.


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