Dragonbound Update

A new Day cover 2 smallI’m excited to say the first 8 chapters of A New Day are now up on my website. If you’ve finished books 1-9 of the series, this is a great opportunity to be one of the first to read this new book before it comes out in print or ebook. Here are links to the chapters.

A New Day chapter 1
A New Day chapter 2
A New Day chapter 3
A New Day chapter 4
A New Day chapter 5
A New Day chapter 6
A New Day chapter 7
A New Day chapter 8

Update on The Dragon Hunter’s Guide:
I’m sorry to say I’ve made little progress on The Dragon Hunter’s Guide the last few months.I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and the disease has affected, among other things, my hands and sight. Since the guide is a graphics-intensive book, I have not been able to progress on it as I would have liked. But good news, it sounds like in March the doctor will put me on some medication that will hopefully stop further attacks. I’m also crossing my fingers that some of my other symptoms will go into remission once the weather warms up a bit. In any case. I plan to resume working on the guide the beginning of next week.

In further good news. Wonder Realms Books has included Dragonbound: Blue Dragon in a big sale with other publishers of a bunch of science fiction and fantasy ebooks that are discounted to $0.99 or free. Blue Dragon will be $0.99 for this week, so if you have friends or family who have been wanting to read it, now would be a great chance. In addition, if you’re looking for some other fun stuff to read while you’re waiting for me to slowly get the guide done, this is a good opportunity to stock up on sci/fantasy reads. I have all the books for sale and links listed on my website.

I hope things are going great for you.

Rebecca Shelley

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4 Responses to Dragonbound Update

  1. Tillman says:

    I can not wait for your new book to come out I have read all the other dragon bound books. When do expect your new one to come out


    • Hi Tillman. Thanks for stopping by the website. Dragonbound: A New Day, as you can see, can be read in full on this website. All the chapters can be accessed by mousing over the Dragonbound tab and clicking on the drop downs. It will be a few more months before A New Day comes out in book form. The Dragon Hunter’s Guide, however, will be available in print starting this coming week. I’m super excited about it! It’s been years in the making and now finally it gets to go out in the world. It should be available on Amazon in the next couple of days.


  2. Hi Mary. Great to hear from you. I hope things are going great in your life! Thanks for your prayers.


  3. Mary Rogers says:

    Hello Rebecca, I’m so sorry to hear about your medical condition. Prayers are going to you for you to get better soon. I had a very close friend that suffered from MS and other complications so I know how hard this disease can be on a body. Hope to hear you are feeling better and that you can continue to write….I love your books and hope I can continue to read many more. Your faithful reader, Mary Rogers🙏🏻💐

    Sent from my iPad



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